BEST healthcare marketing brought to  Providers in a cost-effective & efficient way, with quality patient care as the goal.

About The Company

  • Ensuring the best patient outcomes given by the super-charged healthcare providers when I show the practitioners the optimal options for patient  care that are available with my clients.

  • 14  years of critical care nursing which included conducting inservices and maintaining standards of patient care led me toward another career.

  • 16 years of successful pharmaceutical sales that included launching new products and teaching newly hired representatives added to my repertoire of skills in the healthcare field.

  • I have always had a deep desire to run my own business in which to assist patients in attaining the best outcomes.

  • I provide clients with personal marketing to their targeted audience with proven results, evidenced by increased market share.

  • I use smart counsel and pragmatic solutions to answer the challenges facing healthcare providers in today's market.

  • I assist navigation toward success in a value-based environment while we are living in this ever transforming arena of healthcare.

  • Isn't saving time and money important when you are in healthcare business?

  • My business is unique, offering personal service to each client so their business will flourish.  Why look elsewhere?


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Consulting KG,LLC

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